23 March 2019
A ladybird books fan asked Helen Day of the website Ladybird Fly Away Home whether the cat featured in several of my father's Ladybird books was actually our cat. I confirmed that it was indeed our cat, named Digby after Dan Dare's batman. I also found this photograph, which clearly proves that to be the case!

22 November 2018
One hundred years after his birth an exhibition commemorating my father's work will be held at Bourne Hall Museum in Ewell, just a hop and a skip from Bayford Lodge, Epsom where he lived and worked for over 35 years. It will run from 12 December 2018 to 12 March 2019. Although not large, the exhibition will have some interesting items of artwork and memorabilia on display. Local publicity has already attracted a number of responses, including a couple from art students taught by my father at Epsom School of Art. One describes him as the man who made him 'the artist he has become' and another sent an email giving a fascinating insight into my Dad's time as teacher and his interaction with his pupils. He has kindly agreed to let me share this with you. Click here to read the letter.

27 September 2018
Despite truly appalling weather, the official opening bash went very well. We were particularly gratified that my father's sister Margaret and her daughter and son-in-law made it through the storm! The exhibition's curator, Stephen Whittle, has really done a fine job - it's very well worth a look if you're ever up that way.
here to link to Down the Tubes website which has a richly illustrated article about the evening written by David Britton of the Eagle Times.

15 September 2018
A major exhibition of my father's artwork, Frank Hampson, The Man Who Drew Dan Dare has just opened at the Atkinson Gallery, Southport and will run from 15 September 2018 to 16 March 2019. There is to be an opening bash on Thursday, 20 September between 6pm and 8pm.The exhibition covers all aspects of my father's career including his early sketches, artwork for Ladybird Books and of course, Dan Dare. Stephen Whittle, the curator, tells me it's looking great! Hope some of you will be able to see it.
here to link to the Atkinson website:

16 December 2017
Link to Newly Discovered Dan Dare Reference Material

27 June 2017
Link to Pip Warwick's Mekon

October 2016
As part of The Story of British Comics So Far exhibition at The Lightbox in Woking, Surrey, on
Saturday 8 October 2016, 6.00-7.00pm, I will be in conversation with Paul Gravett in an event entitled
By Gum - Dan Dare Tickets cost £12 (incl one free glass of wine or juice). Advanced booking required.
This is a fundraising event and all the proceeds will be for the benefit of the gallery.
Be great to see you there if you can make it.

28 March 2016 (WelI, I did say my news would be very occasional!) Just a few things:
In addition to the artwork they already have on loan, the Atkinson Gallery in Southport have now purchased a small, representive collection of my father's artwork for their permanent collection. They only took delivery of the boards quite recently but we are hoping to get up there see the work when it is on display.

April 2015
The Eagle Society have kindly invited me to attend their annual function in Sevenoaks this April. I'll be giving a talk and showing some Eagle related items.

19 December 2015
I'm sure some of you will already know about this but we didn't until a friend, having caught it on Radio 4 Extra this week, sent us a heads up. The programme was hosted by Tim Rice and included Philip Pullman amongst the guests, as well as the voices of Marcus Morris and my father, Frank Hampson.
This was first broadcast in 2010 but for some reason, we missed it entirely. Delighted to have heard it now - a really excellent programme. It will be available on iPlayer for around a month from this date.

December 2015
Recognise this? Fascinating picture of a Japanese river boat designed by Leiji Matsumoto from an Eagle fan
In his view, there are marked similarities to Anastasia. I can see what he means - especially in the rear section. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else thinks. It could look great on the Thames - anyone know if Boris is a Dan Dare fan? See the page he put together



In his view, there are marked similarities to Anastasia. I can see what he means - especially in the rear section. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else thinks. It could look great on the Thames - anyone know if Boris is a Dan Dare fan? See the page he put together here.

New at the Atkinson: Stephen Whittle has now collected the Dan Dare board we are lending to the Gallery to add an example of my father's work to their display. It's a particularly fine piece and well worth a look if you're passing that way. Stephen tells me their display has attracted a number of interesting donations, including a Radio Station in perfect condition. In addition to their permanent display a 'one off' Eagle exhibition is definitely on the cards for the future.

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